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National Geographic       May
Excerpts from Carsten Peter‘s NGlive präsentation about the „Infinite cave of Vietnam“ filmed in the Grosvenor auditorium at the headquarter of National Geographic in Washingon DC:

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Go behind the scenes and hear photographer and National Geographic grantee Carsten Peter talk about his career, what inspires and influences his work, and his most memorable adventures:

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National Geographic       April 14th - September 20th, 2011
Big Solo-Exhibition for Carsten Peter at National Geographic headquarter, 1145 17th Street, Washington DC around the main building: Formation - Earth in Motion. Enjoy a nicely finessed and free presentation around the clock: Hughe transparencies nicely lit by light boxes through day and night:

National Geographic       April
National Geographic Television USA,
Canada, April 7th, 10pm ET
Man vs Volcano: Journey into the fiery mouth of Mount Nyiragongo, Africa's most active volcano. Stand on the shore of the world's largest lava lake. Join an international team of scientists and photographer Carsten Peter as they climb to the volcano's peak and then rappel directly into its mouth. Their goal: to collect a fresh sample from the deadly yet mesmerizing lava lake at the volcano's heart. Standing in their way is a 1300 foot sheer vertical drop, crumbling rock walls, and a roiling lava lake prone to sudden overflow.

npr       April
NPR with a special feature about Carsten Peter:
The Hot Seat: A Photographer‘s Descend Into A Volcano

National Geographic       Der Mann fuers GefaehrlicheApril
... "der Mann fürs Gefährliche" - the man for the dangerous assignment... from the new German National Geographic Magazine with the coverage of Vietnams Giant Caves

Gasometer Oberhausen       April 8th till December 30th
Exhibition in Germany, Oberhausen: "Magic Places" with images from Carsten Peter in the Gasometer, which is known for surprisingexhibitions.

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Cover NG Magazine

National Geographic       March, 18th, 2011
National Geographic Magazine, April 2011: „The volcano next door“. Extreme photographer Carsten Peter descends with a team of scientists into an active volcano with the biggest lava lake on earth. Nyiragongo a two mile high strato volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is one of the least studied, but potentially dangerous volcanoes. In 2002 15 million cubic yards flooded the major part of Goma city in raging speeds, the fastest lava at all, at 60 miles per hour. The lava lake drainage in 1977 caused even 2000 fatalities. The hottest lava on earth with 1800° F is also incredible liquid. This is the reason for unique features and what makes it to a favourite volcano for Carsten Peter. Get inspired by his new images.

The volcano next door

National Geographic       March
Carsten Peter's tornado photograph is under the "50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic" Check out the new iPad app to appreciate all these beautiful images including their making of. New York Times: „Any photo buff who wants to know what it takes to shoot award winning images can find out with the new iPad app, “50 Greatest Photographs of National Geographic. The app shows top photos from the magazine’s deep well of phenomenal images. Each is accompanied by a story from the photographers describing how they captured the image, sometimes with unpublished, alternate versions of the shot or a video.“

GEO       February
To my friends from Italy, India and Brasil: February issues of GEO magazine International in Italy, Brasil and India publish a portrait about Photographer Carsten Peter.

National Geographic       January
The Vietnam Cave coverage became viral: 19,5 million views. Multiple time record in history of National Geographic's Website ... just in four weeks.

National Geographic       January 16th
Your reaction to the Vietnam Cave story is phenomenal! Sorry I am too busy to answer all of your questions, but at least find some of them answered in the National Geographic blog.


Lots of coverage about Vietnams greatest cave: Huffington Post, Guardian, Telegraph, Gawker's io9, Neatorama, in the headlines of Yahoo, Bing etc....

Vietnam Cave by Carsten Peter

National Geographic       Giant Caves of vietnamJanuary:
National Geographic Magazine January issue: Enjoy the giant caves of Vietnam - even with a jungle inside! Fabulous caves, huge dimensions, fantastic experience! Immerse in the largest cave passage and discover a cave system with its own weather system. Clouds are condensating and moving through galleries where skyscrapers can fit into. It is a fascinating limestone maze in a tropical environment only discovered in 2009 by the British caver association led by Howard and Deb Limbert.

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